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Aivia Group is a professional services and consulting firm that offer the capture, processing and analysis of geospatial data primarily derived from remote sensing and drones. We specialise in photogrammetry and reality modelling for application of aerial mapping and asset inspection across a range of industries.
Civil Aviation Safety Authority LogoCASA certified RPA operator (ReOC.0252)
Fully insured including 3rd party general liability up to $20M
Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers
All pilots are highly trained and licensed (RePL & AROC)

Photogrammetry & Reality Modelling

Our photogrammetry and reality modelling solutions involve the creation of photorealistic, true to life digital 3D models of physical assets. These can range in complexity from just being a model for visualisation to geospatially scaled and located models for applications in the engineering and construction industries.

  • Inspect, measure and share your entire asset portfolio with your team any browser using our client data portals
  • We're technology agnostic so we use the best software integrations for your project instead of forcing you into a single option
  • We utilise a wide range of equipment and techniques, from aerial and terrestrial LiDAR, handheld and aerial photography to capture interior and exterior data.
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Aerial Mapping & Surveying

Using drone technology for aerial surveying can be more time and cost efficient that conventional survey methods. The risk to your team and subcontractors is also significantly reduced with our surveyors able to conduct an entire site survey from a single safe location. Deliverables from our mapping and survey solutions include:

  • Digital terrain models
  • Orthomosaic maps
  • Takeoff reports and stockpile modelling for earthworks and development
  • Elevation and gradient mapping
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Aerial Photography & Videography

You can come to us with an idea. we’ll ask you the right questions to be able to turn it into an actional project plan. We can take care of everything from the flight planning, executing all the way to photo and video editing ready for publication.

  • Photo and video editing and content ready for publish
  • Aerial 360 Photo & Video
  • FPV and freestyle video and microdrone flythroughs
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Special RPAS Flight Operations

The certifications and insurances that we have, allow us to coordinate with agencies such as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to fly scenarios and locations otherwise legally off limits:

  • Flights at night
  • Within 5.5km of controlled aerodromes (Airports/helipads)
  • Within 30m of people
  • Restricted areas such as Sydney Harbour
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Custom Projects, R&D and Consultancy

Aivia Group are a team of specialised consultants on how to best provide our clients with the most appropriate and innovative approach to integrate drone data within their organisation with a dedication to long term and sustainable solutions that can grow with their company.

  • Procurement research and suggestions
  • Guidance on project feasibility, regulation requirements and liabilities
  • Guidance on how to integrate drone technology successfully into a business
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