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We provide efficient & reliable aerial services


Fully licensed and certified by CASA to commercially operate drones (UAVs) in Australia.


Our established processes and resources allow us to simplify your content needs and reduce your business costs.


With our operations management platforms we can assure the best possibe data security.


We take your desired outcomes and turn them into reality – no matter the complexity or difficulty.


We are commited to achieving your desired outcomes and execute quality content up to your standard.


With pre-defined processes, we guarantee on-time execution and repeatable results, every time.

Common Questions

What are the benefits of outsourcing drone operations and services?
Drone flight operations are heavily regulated within Australia which often leads to projects not being able to proceed legally. Outsourcing drone flight operations ensures that your project is being conducted legally and efficiently by someone who is able to guarantee the desired results. The cost of specialised equipment and accreditation is also high, and it is often financially beneficial to outsource commercial drone operations to a professional provider.
What is the average lead time for a drone project?
The average lead time between project initiation and first flight is about 1 week for standard projects. This is due to the requirement to submit various flight documentations which govern approval of flight and furthermore, preparing relevant equipment for a successful and safe flight. Some projects may require special government approvals which can take longer to process.
There are also many locations across Australia that UAVs are able to be flown without submitting approval and can be flown with shorter lead times. If you need your drone project organized quickly, contact us to get an initial timeframe estimate straight away.
Where can you fly drones in Sydney?
For unlicensed users, drones cannot be flown within 5.5km of any traffic-controlled airport, meaning most of Australia’s major cities are off limits. Licensed commercial operators can fly almost anywhere given the appropriate project preparation, and documented approvals by CASA.
Can you fly my custom payload or use a custom drone platform for a specialised project?
As part of our custom solutions offerings, we are excited to explore the possibilities of using custom payloads or drone platforms to be used for your project. Contact us to find out if your project proposal is feasible and whether it conforms to government regulations.
What liabilities are associated with using drones commercially?
There is an increasing pressure on companies to prove operational due diligence and the appropriate licenses as well as insurance for the use of drones in their businesses.
At Aivia, we value safety & security and strive to give our customers peace of mind. Therefore, we have put in place processes to help establish the correct documentations and workflows for your projects’ needs.

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