Capture what your competitors can't

Aivia Group is a professional services and consulting firm that offer the capture, processing and analysis of geospatial data primarily derived from drones and remote sensing. We specialise in photogrammetry and reality modelling in applications of aerial mapping and asset inspection across a range of industries. We assist our clients by simplifying the integration of new technology solutions into their business with a clear focus on empowering innovation and delivering impactful outcomes.

We always make sure that each project is rooted in the understanding of what our clients’ needs are and that our execution is practical, sustainable and impactful. We are 100% Australian owned, developed and operated. Being a family founded business, we endeavour to always uphold our core values and operate with excellence.

Meet The Team

Patrick Munsey
CEO | Chief Remote Pilot
Mahla Kafami
Partner | Pilot
Lachlan Munsey
Partner | Pilot
Terry Munsey
Partner | Pilot