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Aivia Group is a professional services and consulting firm that offer the capture, processing and analysis of geospatial data primarily derived from remote sensing and drones. We specialise in photogrammetry and reality modelling for application of aerial mapping and asset inspection across a range of industries.

Architecture and Urban Design

Our photogrammetry and reality modelling solutions involve the creation of photorealistic, true to life digital 3D models of physical assets. The diversity and detail of the site specific geospatial data that we offer can support various architectural and urban design activities by offering our clients better site awareness and opportunities to contextualise their work.

  • True to life context throughout project development and planning
  • Real time interactive game engine visualisations and presentations with dynamic lighting

Construction and Development

Using drone technology for aerial surveying can be more time and cost efficient that conventional survey methods. The risk to your team and subcontractors is also significantly reduced with our surveyors able to conduct an entire site survey from a single safe location. Deliverables from our mapping and survey solutions include:

  • Takeoff reports and stockpile modelling for earthworks and development
  • Elevation and gradient mapping
  • Site progression monitoring and record of contracted works

Asset Management

Asset management activities require detailed geospatial data of facades and interior features. We specialise in capturing complex assets and applying our range of other geospatial workflows to ensure you get actional insights from your assets data.

  • Detailed snapshots of infrastructure conditions for records and reporting
  • Inspect, measure and share your entire asset portfolio with your team and other stakeholders
  • Thermal and other specialised data capture for asset inspection and monitoring
  • Record of installation and contracted works

Real Estate and Asset Marketing

Some areas of real estate and asset marketing find value from the type of geospatial data that Aivia Group has to offer. Luxury or large area estates can have the marketing budget to commision the mapping and reality capture of the asset to better facilitate communication and negotiation with remote or international stakeholders. Commercial assets that also require detailed inspections and records can also benifit from the type of geospatial data we offer.

  • Interactive virtual presentations, virtual tours and walkthroughs easily embeddable and sharable
  • Promotional videos and content ready to publish

Marketing, Media and Promotional Content

It can be challenging for marketing or sales teams to get the promotional content they want from their teams performing onsite work without specifically commisioning someone else to do these activities. We understand that promotional content such as virtual renders and screenshots of technical datasets or even just photos and videos of onsite work can be extremely valuable for your content library. With this in mind, Aivia Group can capture this type of content as it happens during our other project activities to ensure your team gets the best content as efficiently as possible.

  • Working with your marketing teams to capture desired promotional content during our projects
  • Photo and video editing and content ready for publish
  • Expand your companies case study and content library with visually rich content from basic photo and video or activities to renderings of geospatial datasets and analysis

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