Aerial Mapping and Surveying

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Mapping and Survey information you can count on

Tried and tested workflows along with the best equipment and quality checks mean that we have absolute confidence in the deliverables we hand over. We can work with registered surveyors for further verification and interpretation of the data we collect and generate.

Identify Out of Spec Work Before It Becomes a Problem

Surfaces can be easily compared to one another over time as well as final design surfaces. More frequent surveying means that mistakes can be detected sooner, reducing rectification or dispute costs.


Simple and Transparent Project Stakeholder Communication

All project stakeholders can securely login to our client portal and view their survey models we have created from any browser. No bulky installations or dedicated software needed.


Reduce Risk to Your Teams Onsite

End the need for workers to walk an entire site to gather the data you need. The information generated can also be used to assess site risks by other team members remotely.


2D image maps that are accurately georeferenced and geometrically corrected so scale is uniform and dimensionally accurate. Ground sampling distance (GSD) can be tailored for each project and objects as small as a bolt on a roof can be easily identified on a map covering over 60ha.

Keep track of stockpile and pit volumes

Surveys can contain 3-dimensional data which means stockpiles can be accurately measured and tracked over time to remove guessing from stock takes. Remaining stock in ground and pit volumes can also be measured to monitor site progress.

Cut-fill Reports for Better Estimating and Budgeting

Surveyed areas can be compared to design surfaces or past datasets to see how site works has progressed and how close they are to being completed.

  • Accurately estimate how much material to order onsite
  • Ensure contracted earthworks are completed to spec

Cross section analysis

Aerial survey data can be easily digested using cross section analysis. Surveys can be compared to multiple other datasets including design surfaces for a detail insight into a specific area’s progression.

Digital Elevation models & Textured Meshes

  • Digital surface models (DSMs) that are not filtered and still contain object information such as houses and vegetation. 2.5D or 3D models can be provided in full colour.
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) with absolute accuracies as small as 30mm. These have objects such as buildings and vegetation filtered out to capture only the ground elevations.

Elevation and gradient mapping

We can customize and overlay contour lines with elevation and gradient colour indexing onto the maps we provide you. Ready to be imported into your CAD or BIM software or easily read from PDF or other suitable formats.

Intuitive Visual Timelines and Trend Monitoring

There’s a whole new dimension of rich information gained when aerial survey data is collected over time. The surveys we provide are accurately georeferenced so past and future surveys can be easily overlayed and compared to each other for intuitive trend analysis. Our client portal allows project stakeholders to login and view site trends in an easy movement of a mouse.

At a Glance

CASA certified RPA operator (ReOC.0252)
Fully insured up to $20M
Full risk management strategy for every site we fly on
Absolute Accuracies as small as 30mm
Gain more meaningful insights quicker than conventional methods
Client portal for easy project content & document management
30 day data retention guarantee
Data is backed up as soon as every flight is complete

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