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From ideas conceived to goals achieved

You can come to us with your aerial photography & videography ideas and we’ll take care of everything from the flight planning, executing all the way to photo and video editing ready for publication.
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Australian certified and fully insured

Aivia Group has achieved the highest level of certification possible to operate RPAS (drones) commercially in Australia. Ensure the safety of your team members and reduce business risks by working with a partner you can trust:

  • Remote Operator Certificate (CASA.ReOC.0252)
  • All pilots are licensed (RePL & AROC)
  • Fully insured including third party liability insurance up to $20M
  • A full risk management strategy for every site we fly

Social Media Content Ready to be Published

Flight operations can be flown to a specific brief to capture something specific you already have in mind or we can consult with you and coordinate a project from conception to handing over content ready to be published.

  • Photo and video editing optimized for specific social platforms
  • Visual content that is coordinated for cohesive storytelling
  • Simplify your projects and avoid coordinating multiple suppliers

Avoid project delays, get it done right the first time

Ensure that your legal liabilities are covered and that your RPAS service provider is predictable and accountable for project delays or miscommunications:

  • Every project starts with a detailed proposal and project plan being issued to our client for transparency and assurance that can meet expectations
  • We can organize filming permits to ensure compliance and reduce application delays
  • Tried and tested workflows and equipment mean you won't be left in the field waiting for something to work or be repaired

Aerial 360 Photo and Video

360 photo and video has been around for some time now and is the basis for the creation of virtual tours. Recent advancements in drone technology has unlocked the ability for this technology to be taken to the air. Virtual tours and 360 media can now consist to aerial imagery and video without visible stitching lines or blind spots. These images are captured as part of our aerial photography and videography solution and can be integrated into other offerings.

Capture what your competitors can't

Our certifications and insurances allow us to coordinate with agencies such as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to fly scenarios and locations otherwise legally off limits:

  • Flights at night
  • Within 5.5km of controlled aerodromes (Airports/helipads)
  • Within 30m of people
  • Restricted areas such as Sydney Harbour

Innovate without the risk

Gain access to the latest drone equipment and tap into the latest aerial photography and videography trends without having to buy anything outright or having to put considerable time and resources into R&D. Our consultancy services can provide an extra level of inspiration and certainty for experimental marketing projects that use aerial content:

  • 360 aerial photo and video
  • Microdrone video flythroughs
  • FPV and freestyle video

At a Glance

CASA certified RPA operator (ReOC.0252)
Fully insured up to $20M
Full risk management strategy for every site we fly on
360 degree images & video
Photo & video editing
Client portal for easy project content & document management
30 day data retention guarantee
Data is backed up as soon as every flight is complete

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