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A guiding hand that can take your drone technology projects from research and discovery, through prototyping and development to implementation and commercialization

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Over our time providing commercial drone services, we have created and built our own hardware, software and workflows, tailored for our business and individual project needs. We don’t just use off the shelf solutions and while a custom solution isn’t always the answer, we don’t let any gaps in existing solution capabilities be the downfall of a project. Our team includes experts in mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering as well as software development. Simplify your projects by getting advice from someone who can then follow through and do the groundwork for you.

Moving with Speed, Agility and Predictability

The commercial drone industry is expected to grow by 25% between 2015 and 2022 according to a 2018 report by Frost & Sullivan. This strong growth and quick turnover of outdated technology makes time to market one of the most crucial factors for new projects, products and solutions. Aivia Group has experience working on highly agile, time constrained projects and we’ve developed detailed processes and workflows for these types of projects to ensure that accountability, transparency and predictability is always maintained.

Stage 1 - Initiation & discovery

Our custom projects are started by building an initial business case through research, workshops, and consultation with our clients. If an initial feasibility analysis yields positive results, project planning and resource acquisition is begun. Client confidentiality is taken seriously, and IP protection is addressed in our master sales and service agreement. NDAs and more specific arrangements can be made prior to engagement if that is a concern.


Stage 2 - Prototyping & development

Aivia Groups capabilities extend beyond just giving advice, we take ideas and turn them into something tangible. We can adapt already available solutions and integrate then with your systems or build something from the ground up. Our workshop and team are equipped to provide, mechanical, electrical and software engineering services for a wide range of prototyping projects and we have a strong network of partners and suppliers we can utilize for projects requiring adjacent specializations.


Stage 3 - Certification & Deployment

To ensure that a solution stands the test of time and commercialization, testing and certification is undertaken to ensure that it is functional and compliant to meet any client or regulatory requirements. Deployment and integration into a working environment can be supported by workforce training and subcontracting as well as the provision of tailored processes, and workflows. Detailed engineering collateral can be developed for IP and manufacture planning.


Stage 4 - Optimization & sustainment

Staying true to our core value of sustainability, we can support our clients in maintaining the solutions we provide them to ensure they get the most out of their investment. In the rapidly moving drone industry, we also accommodate the optimization and adaptation of past solutions as problems evolve, and new technology become available.


RPAS & Aviation Consultation

Our core work providing commercial drone services means the advice we provide comes from practical expertise and experience. We are fully insured and have the processes in place to provide consultation on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

  • Setting up a drone program in your business
  • Guidance on certification and licensing
  • Procurement research and recommendations
  • Tailored workflows and documentation

Project Collaboration & Consortiums

The scope of a project often extends beyond the capabilities of any single company. It is important to identify when specialized contributions are needed in a project. Aivia Group is open to project collaboration and the formation of consortiums for larger projects or tenders and we have an extensive network of companies in the drone industry we can also connect you with to ensure your project has the right stakeholders to succeed. If you have a project you want to collaborate on feel free to contact us.


At a Glance

CASA certified RPA operator (ReOC.0252)
Fully insured up to $20M
Full risk management strategy for every site we fly on
RPAS & aviation consultation
Capability development and technology integrations
Project collaboration & consortiums
Product development and testing
Approval and compliance management

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