Photorealistic, True to Life Digital Counterparts

A complete solution to capture, create and manage a digital portfolio or your physical assets that can be viewed, measured and shared with your team and stakeholders remotely, without bulky software

Complete Project Stakeholder Transparency

Offer your clients or project stakeholders complete transparency by allowing them to view and inspect digital assets securely remotely. The barrier to entry to interact with 3D models is dramatically reduced with our cloud client portals. Reports and project information can now be verified firsthand by whoever you choose. Digital twins can be compared to design to ensure projects are on track and parties are fulfilling their obligations.


Scalable from a single Asset to entire Portfolio Management

Portfolios with many assets across multiple locations can be managed using a single sign in through our client portals. Digital twin locations can be displayed on world maps to make the navigation and selection of specific sites easier.

True to Life Detail and Dimensions

Details and accuracies can now be captured that not too long ago were unthinkable. The true value of a digital twin, however, is unlocked as this information is made available and easier to use by more people in more situations. The same digital twin can now be used for planning, construction, inspection and even marketing by different teams in the same company.

powerful analytics without bulky software

The software that we select to host the digital twin we have created can include a suite of intuitive and easy to use tools so anyone viewing the model can also make accurate measurements directly from a browser. Our quality control process and reports provide certainty in the measurements made from our digital twins.

  • Point tools for location and annotation information
  • Line tools can be used to gather distance, gradients and other cross-sectional information
  • Polygon tools can be used for area and volume information

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

Online hosting of the digital twins we create is the easiest way to make the information available to the rest of your team and project stakeholders without having to deploy new software. The platforms we use accommodate a suite of collaborative tools including:

  • Auto generated reports
  • Annotations and embedded point callouts
  • Sharable links to models and directly to measurements

An Investment That Continues to Bring Value

Large, rich information datasets can often be used once, for them to then be archived and never used again. Mobility and integrability ensures that your investment doesn’t lead to stale data. Integrations such as design surface overlays and trend monitoring can keep old datasets used frequently and providing value for much longer. Mesh models and other information exports means the digital twins we create can also be used across other business workflows and applications such as marketing.

Asset Trends and Timelines

Historical trends can be easily identified by comparing multiple digital twin snapshots with one another. Every tool can be used to compare measurement values between dates. Side by side views can also be used to visually compare asset features over time.

Advanced Analytics, Object Detection and Classification

We work with our clients to select the right software integrations with the digital twins we create to speed up workflows and get more valuable data from digital twin projects

  • Point cloud classification
  • Object detection and counting
  • Mesh repair and touch-ups

At a Glance

CASA certified RPA operator (ReOC.0252)
Fully insured up to $20M
Full risk management strategy for every site we fly on
Dimensionally scaled and fully geo-referenced models
Software development and data integrations
Cloud hosting to view, inspect and share without bulky software
Cold storage data retention plans available for long term archiving
Data is backed up as soon as every flight is complete

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