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Impactful, Meaningful, Simple

The value of any dataset is affected by how easily and effectively it can be used. Explore our solutions for new ways of viewing and interacting with your data.

Complex Data Becomes Accessible and Approachable

Photogrammetric and other types of 3D models can be intimidating for people attempting to view or work with for the first time. Uncertainty in software requirements can be eliminated by having Aivia Group host models online that can be embedded into any website and viewed by any browser. Click and drag navigation makes interaction with these models intuitive and seamless plug and play VR and AR integrations unlock new opportunities without the need to dedicated knowledge about the technology.


Invest in Capturing Data Once, and Multiple Ways to Use It

The data used to create virtual tours and experiences often overlaps with what is captured for our other solutions. This means that a single investment into Aivia Group coming onsite to capture data for something like an asset inspection can add value multiple times as the dataset is re-used for something like marketing or a presentation to a client as well as inspection or engineering.

3D Modelling and Photogrammetry

3-dimensional digital models can be created of physical assets and hosted online or embedded into websites. Modifications and repairs can be made to prepare the model for its ideal use case. Resolution and detail are tailored to each project specification with models ranging from the size of a single house to and entire valley.

Interactive Desktop Holograms

Digital 3D models can contain a vast amount of rich data, which is not fully utilized when viewing on a conventional 2-D monitor. The desktop holograms that Aivia Group provides enable 3D models to be viewed in 3D without the need for headgear or accessories. We can execute and integrate everything needed to capture, create and display digital models in interactive displays for an unmatched experience for your clients.

Experimental Marketing

The fight to standout from your competitors is an ever-changing battle. Capture what your competitors can’t and the attention of your clients by collaborating with Aivia Group on your experimental marketing projects. Full colour 3D prints that allow people to pick up and hold digital assets and interactive holographic displays are just the beginning, we’re always looking at new experimental ways to engage audiences with drone technology and data.

At a Glance

CASA certified RPA operator (ReOC.0252)
Fully insured up to $20M
Full risk management strategy for every site we fly on
360-degree images & video
Photo & video editing
Client portal for easy project content & document management
30-day data retention guarantee
Data is backed up as soon as every flight is complete

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